SORRY MOM & DAD: Flying high

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First Posted: 9/2/2013

Over the past few years I’ve interviewed oodles and noodles of my favorite celebrities, discovering some of their wildest adventures and life lessons, while finding out what they could go on the record saying “Sorry, Mom and Dad” for. I have talked with Grammy winners, reality TV stars, sitcom stars, comedians, talk show hosts, best selling authors, and even a LOHAN!

Something that caught me off guard over my conversations with some of the most uninhibited people in the public eye was how reserved they can be during a one-on-one chat. There is so much pressure during an interview with somebody you don’t know that it is often hard to get someone to answer a question without them having their guard up to an extent.

I think it’s time to take the pressure off the interview and put the pressure on what is taking place during the interview. Why not put the pressure on a wild, extreme activity, such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, or swimming with sharks?

That’s why I decided to interview 98.5 KRZ morning radio personality, Lissa, while JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE!

Last Friday afternoon, I met up with the always outspoken Lissa and we headed to Above the Poconos Skydivers (118 Old Airport Rd., Drums) for the most extreme interview EVER!

A family operated business for over 50 years, Above the Poconos Skydivers is co-owned by husband and wife Don and Darlene Kellner. I knew we were in the right hands with the Kellners when I learned that Don holds the Guiness Book of World Record’s record for the most jumps out of a plane, with over 41,000 jumps… and counting! He once went skydiving 63 times in one day!

Nevertheless, I was still nervous as hell, even though it was my second jump. Lissa, on the other hand, who was making her third jump, was not nervous at all. However, with her adrenaline rushing and mind focused on dancing in the clouds like an “In Living Color” fly girl, her guard was completely down when it came to answering my questions.

That’s probably why I got an answer from her when my one question was: “Let’s play Marry, Make-out, and Murder. Out of fellow KRZ personalities Rocky, Jeff Walker, and Amanda, who would you marry, who would you make out with, and who would you murder?”

Lissa said she would make-out with Amanda, because she would have less stubble, marry Jeff Walker, and murder Rocky, her morning co-host, because he would probably love to kill her sometimes! She might not have answered that if her mind wasn’t focused on jumping out of a plane!

During our flight, I asked her what she would say “Sorry Mom and Dad” for, and she apologized for not telling her parents that she was going to be jumping out of a plane.

With photographers Brian Gerrity and Darlene Kellner helping capture the epic moment, and professional skydivers Paul Mayza and Christoph Streicher attached to us, we concluded our interview with a free fall from a plane, because sometimes, when you want the best results out of something in life, you just have to go above the clouds, and beyond.