SORRY MOM & DAD: A goodbye, too soon

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First Posted: 7/29/2013

Dear Frankie,

I don’t know what happens when somebody dies. I’d like to imagine a sea of naked women guiding me toward a bright white light, taking me to a final destination of heavenly bliss filled with endless shrimp from Red Lobster, really loud house music, and beer pong tournaments with Jesus as my partner; but that sounds too good to be true. Maybe it’s even better! Maybe after we die we’re reunited with all of our loved ones that have passed before us, joined together to watch over the ones who are still on Earth – in between games of beer pong with Jesus, of course. Regardless of what happens after we die, or where we go, I hope this letter is able to find you well.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Justin Adam Brown, and though you probably do not know who I am, we have seen each other around, and share some mutual friends.

It didn’t really matter whether I knew you or not when someone brought a flyer into the Scranton dive bar I manage, with a picture of your face under a caption that said you were missing. When I looked at that flyer, I saw a young dude close to my age, who may or may not be dead. I realized that could easily have been one of my friends that was missing. That could be my brother who was missing. That could be me who was missing!

As someone close to your age, I wondered, what were your dreams? What were your goals?

I don’t know what your dreams were, but I can’t imagine them being any bigger than the impact you have had on the community since your disappearance and untimely death.

I’m not sure if you know this, but every single business in the area had flyers in your honor. People who didn’t even know you searched for you. I even drove past a BILLBOARD with your face on it.

You’ve impacted this area SO much! You’ve made people want to hug their best friend a little tighter the next time they say “bye” to them. You’ve made people remember to tell their brother “I love you” when they get off the phone. You’ve brought an entire community together, dude! That’s something I don’t think I could ever accomplish, even if I live for the next 50 years!

Wherever you are, I hope you’re not too worried about your family. People have really been coming together to help them out. It may be small, but I’m hosting a fundraiser at The Green Frog, 815 Mulberry St., Scranton, on Wed., July 31, where over some drinks, and a performance by The Fallen, we will be accepting donations, selling memorial stickers, and having raffles, with all of the money going to your family!

You’ve made an immeasurable impact on people who knew you well, dude, and a community who wish they had the chance to. Now is your time to rest in peace. We’ve got it from here!

All my best,