SORRY MOM & DAD: The way of the waterpark

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First Posted: 8/27/2013

When I was 18 years old, I moved away from home to go to college and find myself. What I found was that if I could walk barefoot in a fraternity house bathroom unscathed, I could do anything!

That’s just what I did – anything and everything. I partied, I studied, broke hearts, got my heart broken, sold my textbooks back to the campus book store during the second week of the semester to fund a trip to Vegas, was put on academic probation one semester, made the Dean’s list another, interned for the largest entertainment news provider in the world, was featured as an on-air student correspondent for MTV, spent a weekend in jail, spent a summer in Minnesota, jumped out of an airplane, and even skipped class for six weeks to be on a reality show filmed in Japan.

While I was relishing in discovering what else the world that to offer, I was missing out on big moments back home, like my baby sister’s kindergarten graduation. She was three years old when I moved away from home for the first time. Now she’s 12! Sorry, Mom and Dad, that I missed out on watching Maddie grow up.

My buddy, Butchko, also has a 12-year-old sibling that he is too often busy to see. To make up for being unable to spend quality time with them, we decided to take them out for the day to roll with us!

I know that, when it comes to what my friends and I like to do for fun, we may not always be the best role models on children. However, when we took them to Pennsylvania’s biggest water park, Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark, it was hard to figure out who the bigger kids were: Butchko and me, or our little siblings.

The four of us started our day out by sliding down Vortex, a body slide that glided us to a giant funnel, where we spun around several times at a ridiculous speed before plummeting through the funnel into a tube.

As we continued our day, reaping the benefits of warm weather, blue skies, and over 37 rides and attractions at the Pocono Mountain park, we took a break from the water attractions to get adventurous with some adrenaline pumping activities in the Adventure Zone, something we never really knew about. My favorite was between the FreeFall, where you jump from a high tower into Hollywood-style stunt airbags, and the 4,500-foot long steel-track Mountain Coaster that traverses through the trees and down the steep slopes of Camelback. The view was amazing! The day was amazing!

Butchko and I realized just how cool our little siblings actually are, and how much we are missing out when we are too busy to chill with them. I never knew my little sister could be so daring. I loved laughing with her about how stupid we looked coursing down some of the crazy slides. That day was a reminder that the most important things in life aren’t actually things, but the moments we get to spend with our family and friends.

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