INFINITE IMPROBABILITY: Top 10 cosplayers at Wizard World Philly Comic Con

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First Posted: 6/10/2013

In last week’s issue, I summarized the weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on June 1 and 2, but for some people, the events, panels, and collectibles don’t matter nearly as much as the cosplay.

While I reserve my own poorly-made costumes for Halloween only, I always look forward to seeing what crazy get-ups fans will walk the floor in. These aren’t necessarily the best costumes at the con, but they were my personal favorites that I spotted and managed to photograph.

10. Zombie bunny: As if those old Easter Bunny costumes couldn’t get any creepier, this guy finds a way, adding a zombie baby in a basket for good measure.

9. Female Colossus: I enjoy when people put their own spin on a character, and this woman looks like a Rasputin to me.

8. Mini-Darth Vader: After showing these Storm Troopers who was boss, this kid struck fear into some rebel scum by posing with his posse.

7. Kitty Pryde and Gambit: This couple had every accessory down pat, including Kitty’s pet dragon Lockheed.

6. Tardis: This life-size police box did an excellent job portraying the odd time-traveling device often utilized by Time Lords.

5. Blade: This guy really sank his fangs into… OK, I won’t go there, but man, he nailed Wesley Snipes’ vampire hunter.

4. Ming the Merciless: The grand attention to detail juxtaposed with the cheesy bald cap really works in favor of the overall look here.

3. Skeletor: Philadelphia’s own Skeletor not only hosts a Karaoke Gong Show regularly at the Trocadero Theatre, he also sports a pretty badass costume.

2. Dr. Strange: Not only did this guy conjure a pitch-perfect Sorcerer Supreme costume, he also bears a striking resemblance to Robert Downey Jr., who probably would have made a great Stephen Strange if he wasn’t already portraying Iron Man.

1. Captain America dog: This furry little girl wins the day for not only being the best-dressed Cap at the con, but for also being the most well-trained and loyal service dog I’ve ever seen. She dressed up as Black Widow, complete with little red wig, the following day.