SECURELY FASHIONED: Get fashion forward on your phone

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First Posted: 3/5/2013

Need a mid-day shopping fix but can’t leave your desk? Love a new designer but can’t wrap your tongue around their pretentious name? Or do you just need some advice on a new trend?

Check out these super fun and useful apps for your Smartphone. Spentit allows you to show your new purchases to friends and followers instantly. You can also create a wish list and cross your fingers that one of your followers wants to get you a fantastic birthday gift! Another useful perk lets you browse reviews of items before you buy just in case you need some convincing or a friendly warning. Available for iPhone.

Speak Chic is for the phonetically challenged. How many times have you quickly mumbled your new fave designers name under your breath in hopes that you didn’t sound like a dope? For only $1.99, you have access to over 300 designer names with audio and phonetic spellings. No excuse to make a Showgirls faux pas. (Remember Versace?) Available for iPhone.

Cloth will have you sharing your best outfits and creating a closet file by saving, categorizing, and sharing your outfits. Once you’ve snapped a photo, you can send your view-worthy outfit to the site and they will post it for everyone to see. Then there is the genius Cloth Weather. With the help of, this app uses real-time weather in your area and creates an outfit appropriate for whatever the weather! Available for iPhone.

Snapette is a shopping tool which helps you locate designer fashions in stores near you. Think of it as a personal shopping assistant. This handy app allows you to browse items in stores around the world and even find the sales! Free app available for Android.

Pose is for window shopping from the trendsetters. Check out what top bloggers, designers, celebs, and fashionistas are wearing right this minute. Pose offers a style-finder where you can follow people with the style you are looking for. Share and shop with friends and other Posers! Free app available for Android.

Papierdoll is your one stop for who, what, where, and when of the fashion world. This handy app breaks down and lets you scroll through headlines, informing you of new collaborations, who’s wearing who, and much more. Think CliffsNotes for fashion news. You can get your degree in fashion news at a glance. Free app available for Android.

Try one of these apps to get shopping and sharing! And be sure to follow me on Twitter, @erinrovin.

-Erin Rovin has been working in the entertainment industry for 10 years and writes for various national gossip publications. You can reach Erin at