RALPHIE REPORT: LMFAO go solo, but promise reunion

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First Posted: 3/18/2013

RedFoo and Sky Blu of LMFAO will spend 2013 working on solo music projects. The “Party Rock” duo continues to insist that the split does not imply any bad blood between the two, who are actually related.

“Me and Sky Blu were always solo from the beginning,” explained Red Foo on “The Ralphie Show.”

“We put our solo stuff together. We always made solo stuff, even in LMFAO.”

The next layer to their relationship is the fact that RedFoo is Sky Blu’s uncle.

“We’ve been around each other for 26 years,” continued Foo, born Stefan Gordy. “As family…you might not see your nephew for two or three years.”

Sky Blu echoed his uncle’s perspective.

“We just want the world to know us as individuals before we come back together,” the artist born Skyler Gordy said.

“Before you knew what LMFAO was, you didn’t want LMFAO. So now me and Foo are going to show you what’s new in 2013 on our solo efforts, and then we’re coming back together.”

So enjoy the solo tracks from the two, such as Foo’s “Bring Out the Bottles” and Blu’s “Pop Bottles.” And rest easy, because next year LMFAO will be back to bring us even more songs about bottles, like “Bring Out and Then Pop Bottles.” If they duo wants to use that as a working title, I won’t hold them to any royalties.


Ryan Lochte’s schedule these days is a little different than a year ago. The Olympic gold medalist is a guest at red carpet events, an actor on TV shows, and a spokesperson for a number of different brands. Plus, Lochte is currently filming a new reality show, “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” set to debut this June on E!. So, when it comes to training for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, what would Lochte do?

“You know what’s so unique about this reality TV show is that it’s following me, it’s doing whatever I do,” Lochte explained to me a few weeks ago on the green carpet of Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game Awards.

I’m pretty sure every reality show is filmed by simply following around the subject, but I didn’t interject.

“My biggest relationship in my life is swimming… and my biggest goal is (the) 2016 Olympics.”

Lochte said even when he travels, he seeks out a pool for training sessions, and that Saturday in Santa Monica was no different. Surprisingly, the swimmer said it took time to become acclimated with the cameras filming his every move.

“I was a little shy,” he admitted. “But now, I just go with the punches. I’m just rolling with it.”

We would expect nothing less.

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