ALBUM REVIEW: Fogerty embraces younger generation of artists

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First Posted: 5/28/2013

For certain Boomers, listening to the songs on John Fogerty’s “Wrote a Song for Everyone” will be like reacquainting with old friends, their wisdom and vitality still exhilarating after all these years. For post-Boomers, the album can serve as an introduction to the kind of meaty, foursquare guitar rock that has largely disappeared from the pop charts.

“Wrote a Song” is a Fogerty tribute album that comes with the artist’s seal of approval. In fact, he sings on every cut, making it a duets album, too.

Fogerty, who just turned 68, recruited an array of younger artists to help resurrect some of his biggest hits, and the results rock. Highlights include a thunderous performance of “Fortunate Son” featuring the Foo Fighters and Fogerty sound-alike Dave Grohl; the 1997 obscurity “Hot Rod Heart” with Brad Paisley revving up his guitar; and a rollicking “Proud Mary,” reclaimed from marching band songbooks everywhere by Jennifer Hudson, Allen Toussaint, and the Rebirth Brass Band.

Fogerty himself remains a mighty singer and shows he hasn’t lost his knack as a songwriter either. Two new tunes fit right in, which is impressive given such distinguished company.

John Fogerty ‘Wrote a Song for Everyone’ Rating: W W W W