RALPHIE AVERSA: Pope pleased by Levine’s blessing

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First Posted: 9/15/2013

In an interview almost a year ago on “The Ralphie Show,” Adam Levine made it clear that when it came to the music industry, he was a fan of second chances.

“If I had to choose between something to watch, it would be the person that had been knocked down a couple times, where you’d want to see, ‘Oh my God, is this person going to finally do it?’” “The Voice” coach responded after I asked him about Cassadee Pope, the former Hey Monday lead singer who was shooting for higher stars after a first attempt under Columbia Records. “If it’s someone’s first chance, sorry kid, you know, tough call. Who cares? You’re going to have 10 more.”

Pope was happy enough just to receive that second opportunity and was also pleased to hear Levine’s remarks.

“I got a lot of comments when I was on the show about how I already had my chance; I should not be doing a show like that, I already had some success,” the season three winner recalled during an interview with “The Ralphie Show” that aired last week. “Hearing him say that means a lot because I felt like I had been through the grind. I had worked really hard, and it didn’t work out, and this was finally a chance to really knock it out of the park.”

In the process, Pope would transform from a pop rock princess that played rough with the boys on stage to a solo country artist who felt comfortable performing in front of teenagers and senior citizens alike.

“The only thing that has really stayed the same are my friendships, and my relationship, and my family; we’re still very close,” Pope remarked. She has dated All Time Low drummer Rian Dawson since her days as the frontwoman for Hey Monday. “But, everything (else) is different.”

Pope’s debut album, “Frame by Frame,” comes out Oct. 8.


Andy Samberg is back on your TV screen every week this fall, just on a new night with a different network. The “Saturday Night Live” alumnus stars in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” a comedy about a group of detectives in a New York precinct. The sitcom premiered Tuesday on FOX.

“We’ve had meetings with ex-detectives and former cops and stuff to make sure that we’re not doing anything that could be deemed disrespectful to law enforcement,” Samberg revealed to “The Ralphie Show.” “The show’s not really in it to make fun of that aspect of it. (The show is) courteous of the actual job but it’s also… what we’ve been told is kind of honest to the fact that there’s a lot of down time and a lot of silliness going on behind the scenes as well.”

The latter is plentiful in the show as a motley group of law enforcement officials attempt to solve murders and other crimes in the borough. Samberg explained what he enjoys about Brooklyn.

“Certainly all of the style, and the food, and the people,” he said before adding, “the Hassids.” “What’s not to love?”

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