Saturday, 3.16.13

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First Posted: 3/15/2013

Arturo’s: Mike Miz & Paul Martin Duo

Bandit’s Roadhouse: Mr. Echo

Bar on Oak: The Poets 8-12

Bart and Urby’s: Don Shapelle – 11:30a/ Irish Lads – 4pm

Breakers, Mohegan Sun: Bad Hair Day @ 9:30

Beer Boys: Ceol Mor Pipe & Drum Band 9:30p/ UFC 10p

Brews Brothers, Luzerne: Dave Matthews Tribute w/ Doug & Sean

Chacko’s: Chris Zawatsky & The Band Jax

Hops & Barley’s: Ceol Mor Pipe & Drum Band 8:30p

Johnny D’s: The Switch

King’s, Mountain Top : Better With Beer

Liam’s: The 151 Project & Walt Prez & The Awesome

Lower End: Castaway Band

Metro: I am Buffalo 9-1

The New Penny: The Switch

Plymouth Rock Bar: Cause of Affliction & 3 to Breathe

River Grille: DJ King B River Street Jazz Café: Still Hand String Band w/ Quimby Mountain Band

Rox 52: St. Patrick’s Day Bash w/ Iron Cowboy

Senunas’: DJ Hersh

Stan’s Café: Post Parade Party w/ DJ’s Bernie and Don

Thirst T’s: See U Next Tuesday 9p-1a

Tommy Boys: Midnight 45

Woodlands: Evolution Nightclub – DJ Davey B & DJ Kev the Rev playing Top 40 & Club Music w/ Host “Fishboy” of 98.5 KRZ & Xcluzive Soul w/ DJ Mike “The Godfather” Streamside Bandstand & Executive Lounge

Vesuvio’s: Parade Day Party w/ Upper Echelon @ 10am