MAKEUP RULES: Lash-tastic summer

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First Posted: 5/7/2013

Go big or go home! Luscious lashes are a must-have this summer, a quick and easy way to spice up any makeup look, or you can wear them alone to create a natural smoke to your eyes. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on eyelash extensions and spend hours in the salon getting your lash extensions filled! Yes, they are beautiful, but the maintenance and cost isn’t necessary. Strip lashes can give you an even more dramatic trend-worthy look this summer with unique cuts and placement that a 3D lash extension can’t give you. Here are some great tips on how to use and maintain a worry-free dramatic lash this summer!

To start off, you need glue that will outlast the competition but will still be less damaging to your natural lashes. I suggest DUO Eyelash Adhesive – it’s a latex-based glue that, once dried, still maintains a descent elasticity so your real lashes can move and breathe. This formula comes in two shades: original, which is white but dries clear, and dark tone, which is grey and dries to a nice black. I prefer the dark tone since the black color helps to fill in the lashes and hides gaps, also giving a fuller appearance.

Now for application of your strip lashes to maintain that worry-free non-lifting experience. Cut the strip lash in half or even thirds. You can then easily apply each section to your lid instead of trying to get it all on in one try, or you can just apply one of the pieces to the outer corner of your eye to give you that subtle, smoked out outer corner, which gives you that perfect almond-shaped eye.

Individual lashes that come in small bursts of hair are also easy to apply and will give you that little something extra every day of the summer, and unlike a strip lash, which should only be worn for eight hours or so, individuals can be kept on for a few days, and as you lose one or another, you can just reapply. A good tip is to take two longs and apply them to your outer corner, then going inward, apply three mediums, and finish with one or two smalls to help blend them in to your real lashes. Then finish with your favorite waterproof mascara for an all-day luscious lash application that will amp up any look you’re going for this trend-tastic summer!

Tip: Worried about applying false lashes to your bottom lash line? Scared that your bottom mascara will run if applied to your bottom lashes? Don’t worry – just apply some waterproof eyeliner to give you the definition you need to your bottom lash line and smudge away. A smoldering/smudgy bottom lash line is totally in this summer!

Trick: When applying lashes, holding a mirror under your chin and looking down is a great way to see where exactly you’re placing your lashes!