GIRL TALK: Calling Carly Rae

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First Posted: 6/3/2013

Friday night KRZ rocked the Kirby Center with their annual Summer Smash concert. This year’s lineup opened with the sexy man candy duet of 3oh!3, continued on with the chart-topping Carly Rae Jepsen, had the girls’ hearts throbbing with X Factor winners Emblem3, and closed out with the amazingly talented Cher Lloyd.
It was all about love when both 3Oh!3 and Carly Rae opened with songs about kissing. The catchy song “My First Kiss” had the fans dancing in the aisles and Carly Rae had her fans (me included!) singing along at the top of their lungs to her hit “This Kiss”. Emblem3 sang a heartfelt dedication to their musical muse Bob Marley and closed out their set with their current hit, “Chloe.”
The show ended with the headliner Cher Lloyd. I have been to my fair share of concerts, but her level of energy and enthusiastic facial expressions throughout her set left me leaving the show singing “Want You Back” until I had no voice left. She also surprised the crowd by mixing it up and doing a cover of Robyn’ s “Call Your Girlfriend” and Usher’s “Oh My God.”
I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to sit down and have some real girl talk with the remarkable Carly Rae Jepsen. We discussed everything from her music and fans to fashion and, of course, dating disasters.
The Weekender: Last summer, “Call Me Maybe” was the song of the summer. It was played everywhere and everyone knew it. Ryan Seacrest has unofficially dubbed “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” as this year’s big song of the summer. How does it feel to be the voice of summer 2 years in a row?
CARLY RAE JEPSEN: It’s always exciting to see people connecting to the songs. I was recently in Jakarta, which is the furthest I’ve travelled from home so far, and I got to experience a room full of Indonesian fans singing every word to every song of KISS. I wrote that album hoping maybe it would crack the Top 10 in Canada, so I am a pretty happy camper right now. I love getting to see the world through music, and I especially love seeing people dance.
W: One of Girl Talk’s favorite topics is shoes. As the new spokesperson for Candie’s, what is your favorite type of footwear? Are you a heel, wedge, sandal, or sneaker girl?
CRJ: Right now I love retro, platform sandals and colorful flats.
W: In your career, you have performed for many large and eclectic crowds, from being a contestant on “Canadian Idol” to “New Years Rockin’ Eve,” you have experienced every type of music listener. Even for this festival, you are not only playing for your fans, but also fans of Cher Lloyd, Emblem3 and 3OH!3. Do you have any cover songs or remixes that you like to perform live to mix up the show?
CRJ: My favorite thing is performing for new audiences. There’s always that old fashioned excitement of trying to win ’em over. I have a couple tricks up my sleeve. You’ll just have to wait and see.
W: Every artist has one ideal award show or career milestone that they have designated as their “I have made it” moment. You have just been nominated for nine Billboard Music Awards, had Cookie Monster sing one of your songs on Sesame Street, and collaborated with some of the hottest music stars of today such as Nicki Manaj, LMFAO’s Redfoo, and Owl City. What has been or will be your moment when you realized your dreams have come true?
CRJ: I think that moment never comes for the hungry types. Ahem..I am a hungry type. The highest high for me is writing music and I have a lot to say. There is nothing that excites me more than this next record.
W: In my column, we always girl talk about bad dates and relationship disasters. Since many of your songs are based on love, found and lost, have you ever had a date that was so bad you had to tell all of your girlfriends about it?
CRJ: I once tripped in the movie line with a date. I was wearing high heels that were much too high for me. Somehow my ankle buckled and I went from a standing position to flat on my bum in a puddle. All I could think about was telling my girlfriend Jillian about it later and how much we’d laugh. This thought of course got me giggling right then and there, and I couldn’t stop. I think he thought I was crazy.
W: Our final question comes from one of your young fans. Kate, 9, adores you and holds you as her musical idol. She aspires to someday be a performer just like you but gets terrible stage fright. Kate would like to know how you mentally prepare for a show and overcome anxiety of performing in front of an audience.
CRJ: If you get nervous sweet Kate, lock eyes with just one kind face in the audience. Forget everyone else and just sing directly to them until you’re ready to take in the rest of the audience. I used to start every song by singing to my sister. That friendly face helps. I can’t wait to hear you perform someday soon!