Man of the Week: Richie Newman

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First Posted: 6/27/2013

Full name: Richie Newman

Age: 23

Hometown: Nanticoke, PA

Favorite weekender feature: Breaking Down the Walls

Favorite bar/restaurant: Angelo’s Pizza

What are you passionate about: Tattooing; currently working at Marc’s in downtown Scranton

Who do you admire: My boss, Jonesy

What’s something most people don’t know about you: I recently started tattooing full time at Marc’s tattooing in downtown Scranton

Are you a dog or cat person: Dog person, 100 percent

If I had to pick would I want someone with beauty or brains: Brains

My last meal would be: A whiskey river burger from Red Robin

My theme song would be: ‘Street Dreams’ by Nas

My best concert was: Bane, Have Heart, and Outbreak in Philly

For a good time: I paint and sip on a Captain and Coke