Title Fight hit Taylor before tour

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First Posted: 6/10/2013

Coming up on the one year release of “Floral Green,” Title Fight has decided it’s time to hit the road once again in September, announcing a four-week tour earlier this week that kicks off in Baltimore and circles around the country.

In addition to the 25 newly added performances, the band will be playing Friday, June 14 in Taylor at the Underwood Skatepark, along with a few other one-off gigs.

The Weekender checked in with bassist and vocalist Ned Russin to see what the band has been up to since the release of the latest record.

THE WEEKENDER: You’re coming up on the one year mark of “Floral Green.” How do you feel that album has done up until this point?

NED RUSSIN: It really surpassed our expectations. We did a lot of stuff on this record that was different for us, and it was a great change of pace. At the same time, we didn’t know how people would react to it, so it was great when people came out with positive support; it was relaxing. We prepared for the worst, got the exact opposite, and I think it was worth all of the hard work.

W: Will any new songs be played on this tour?

NR: Probably not for a little bit. The thing we’re working on now is kind of secret, but we’ve always done it that way so people don’t have to wait too long after the announcement. But during the new tour we may throw a few in or maybe we’ll still be finishing it up. Who knows?

W: How has it been releasing an album with a record label, rather than in a DIY environment?

NR: It was a different approach. Everything used to be on our schedule, and that was the biggest adjustment. I think it benefited us in the long run because we had to push ourselves to get the record done. At the time, it was hectic, but looking back, it made us do something a little different. I think we were very happy with the outcome.

W: And how will you approach it the second time around?

NR: Every time it’s a new experience, and it keeps us on our toes. It breaks up the routine, which makes it interesting and not boring. This time around, we’ll know how to try new things, which will help us grow even more as a band.

W: You’ve done some cool tours with some music vets, Rise Against for one. What have you learned from bands like that?

NR: You learn something different from everybody. They all have different stories and outcomes, but the most interesting thing is how everyone was shaped. Rise Against and us have similar backgrounds. They play in front of thousands of people but are still the same guys, and that’s what we want to be.

Hearing all of these different things of how recording and touring has changed so much, it makes us want to learn and take away as much as we can from it. I just like that most of them have stayed true to what they believe in.

A common misconception is that when a band gets big, people say they “sell out,” and there are bands that don’t abide by that at all. And to us, it’s nice to see it can be done because we always want to do the same thing.

W: Anything new with Redwood Art Space, the venue the band once owned?

NR: Still working on a new location. We learned a lot in the year that we were open, but we’re going to up and running soon. We’re going to be around for the long haul this time. There’s just some minor road blocks right now.

W: What has been the most memorable moment since releasing the record?

NR: The record release show at Warrior Run. We built the stage, we booked the show; it was a lot of work that paid off and made it worth it. It was all of our friends from across the country, and we were able to play with them at home. That was everything that we wanted the record to be, and it is my favorite show we’ve ever played. That was the vision when we started the band, and (that’s) what happened.

W: You guys are never shy to play in NEPA. Is there anything exciting about Friday’s show?

NR: We’re really excited to play Taylor. It’s going to be a really cool show, and I’d recommend getting there early and checking out all of the opening bands. Even if it doesn’t seem like we’re doing something, we normally are, and it will be worth checking out.