ALBUM REVIEW: Modern Baseball hit homerun

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First Posted: 3/18/2013

Awkward and adorable are the first two words that came to mind after listening to Modern Baseball’s first full-length, titled “Sports,” but their talent should not be taken as lightly. Four not-exactly-kids, not-exactly-grown-ups based out of Philadelphia’s Drexel University have released a debut album worth talking about, and one that recently got them signed to Run For Cover Records.

“Sports,” a Lame-O Records release, blends emo, indie, and a little bit of pop in a musical age where musicians are either defensive or up in the air about what genre they fall under. Modern Baseball classifies themselves as “passive aggressive dad-core” with influences such as The Menzingers and Motion City Soundtrack. Regardless of what you want to call it, “Sports” is sure to make you feel like dancing around while singing along to songs about relatable and socially awkward situations.

Awkwardness is a reoccurring theme throughout “Sports,” represented in songs like “Tears Over Beers.” Their focus on this common but rarely touched upon aspect of being a young adult is what draws you in while smooth and pleasant vocals over light and simple instrumentals keep you listening over and over again.

Creating “Sports” was a really intense process, as band members write songs individually, giving them over 50 songs to choose from, written over the past two years. Jake Ewald and Brendan Lukens are the masterminds behind the songwriting process, and vocal tracks are split between the two while bassist Ian Farmer and drummer Sean Huber help provide an array of jam-worthy melodies.

Their hard work definitely shows throughout the entirety of “Sports,” making excellent choices in which songs to include. It’s rare to come across an album that makes it hard to choose which song is your favorite because each one makes you fall harder for their music, and they all offer a little something different, whether from a lyrical or instrumental perspective, such as a sped-up tempo in “Re-Do” or the slow, sad melody of “I Think You Were In My Profile Picture Once.”

If Modern Baseball were a food, Brendan is pretty confident they would be Rice Krispie Treat cereal with mint chocolate milk, so if that isn’t enough to make you want to be best friends with them, take some time and download “Sports” from, check them out on Spotify, or catch them live on one of their upcoming tours. If you like friends, good music, and often find yourself in awkward life situations, there’s no way you won’t get locked in.

Modern Baseball ‘Sports’ Rating: W W W W