The Fallen help raise money for accident victim

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First Posted: 4/22/2013

When it comes to style, The Fallen doesn’t exactly fall into a certain category. Instead, the band plays a wide variety of music ranging from metal to pop to classic rock – and everything in between. Their diversity makes each song in their set list a surprise to the audience.

“We’re actually kind of known for being one of the bands that’s all over the map,” noted singer Tom Osbourne in a recent interview with The Weekender.

During a typical show, The Fallen will take the audience from a relaxing mood to an upbeat, dancing mood and back again, playing everything from Breaking Benjamin to Pink Floyd to Cheap Trick.

With two thirds of their set being cover songs, the band has left some extra room to create their own original music. They will be releasing a full-length CD of their own within the next few months.

“Our original music, just like our cover music, is kind of all over the map. It’s not just one style,” explained Osbourne. “It’s different than when you buy a CD and it’s kind of all the same stuff, whereas our stuff is so totally different.”

After just nine months of rehearsing together as a four-piece, The Fallen has picked up quite a following as well as a wide variety of venues including Tommyboy’s Bar and Grill (Nanticoke), Mulligan’s Sports & Spirits (Scranton), and Clam Diggers in Dickson City, where their next event will be taking place.

The band will be playing a benefit event on Sunday, April 28 to raise funds for a woman who was stuck by drunk driver in November. Jessie, a single mother of an autistic child, has not been able to work since the accident because of her injuries and has been struggling to find a way to pay medical expenses.

The Fallen are no strangers to benefit events and are always glad to help out someone in need. They have played many benefit events in the past and continue to do so.

“We do as many benefits as we can,” said Osbourne. “We’re just there to support and help raise money to pay bills. We do it all the time for a bunch of different people.”

The benefit will start at 3 p.m. and all money collected will go towards Jessie and her family. The event is sponsored by many local businesses and will include live entertainment by Rock Box, Ashleys Attik, Skin-n-Bones, Sucker, Pissed and Mizerable, Tightly Wound, and special guest Oz . Designated drivers will get in for free.

“I see a lot of people doing benefits,” said Osbourne. “They’re nothing but good so just come and have a couple drinks and listen to some music.”