BREAKING DOWN THE WALLS: Shows keep the spirit of summer alive

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First Posted: 8/5/2013

Here we are in August. Somehow, summer has passed by quicker than I could possibly have imagined. Back-to-school sales will be starting up soon, offering great deals on No. 2 pencils and loose leaf paper, but don’t fret my friends; unbelievable discounts on school supplies does not mean that the fun of summer is over – just the nice weather, the breaks from school, and the lackadaisical attitudes. However, if there is ever something to replenish excitement and happiness, it’s a good a show, and luckily enough, we have two new ones coming up.

First, we have a great hardcore show at West Side Park in Nanticoke on September 2. Headlining the show is Richmond, Va.’s Breakaway. Breakaway made their debut Wilkes-Barre performance at Redwood Art Space, but since then have released two 7-inches titled “The Few That Remain” and “For Life,” released by Solid Bond Records and Mindrot, respectively. They play a style of hardcore that is fast and aggressive, yet filled with lyrics of positive thinking.

Upperhand is another band from Richmond, Va., who play a more metal-influenced style of hardcore. Their latest offering, “Chains of Shame,” brings to mind such crossover bands as post-“Cause for Alarm” Agnostic Front and Leeway. This is their NEPA debut.

Blind Justice rounds out the touring package from the shores of New Jersey. You may remember Blind Justice from their set earlier in the summer in Nanticoke, and for those who were able to see them, you will be happy they are coming back. Blind Justice play hardcore that is reminiscent of my favorite bands when I first started going to shows, like Mental, taking cues from the early Revelation Records roster and adding other distinct flavors and grooves, making it all their own. Blind Justice has a new record coming out soon on Back To Back Records.

Rounding out the show is the new local band Vice Grip. I wrote about their demo within the last month, but if you haven’t checked them out yet, now is the perfect time. Vice Grip play a very primitive style of hardcore in an extremely belligerent way. Their demo is out now.

Then the next week on September 8, there is a split record release at Gallery of Sound on Mundy Street in Wilkes-Barre. The split 7-inch, featuring new songs from California’s Miserable and Pennsylvania’s Grey Zine, is coming out on Run for Cover Records, and both bands will be performing.

Miserable is a project done by Kristina, who was the singer of shoegaze outfit Whirr, but while Miserable draws from similar influences, it is completely its own animal. As previously mentioned, their split partners and local natives Grey Zine are also playing. Grey Zine have been constantly writing and playing, and their newest songs are showcased on the split, so it will be a pleasure to hear the new songs live and then be able to go home and hear them on your record player.

Noise Pet and Myrr Myrr of Washington, D.C., will also be playing the show. Noise Pet, from Wilkes-Barre, are playing our second show, and it’s Myrr Myrr’s first time in Wilkes-Barre. The show is free and starts at 6 p.m.