ALBUM REVIEW: The Soviet bring ‘Dead Language’ to life

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First Posted: 6/10/2013

In today’s music industry, the quickest, and arguably the best, way to get a buzz going about a group is to create a great online presence. When the members of The Soviet quickly gained some traction of YouTube and Reddit, the group knew something good was about to happen.

After starting a small music project just 18 short months ago, the New Jersey indie rock band (which contains two members from Saylorsburg) have come a long way and solidified their place in the industry with the release of a four-track EP, “Dead Language.”

First track, “Wanderlust,” has a hint of Angels and Airwaves and other new arena rock bands, capturing all of the common traits: pulsing drums, distant vocals, and effortlessly changing time signatures.

The second song, “The Letdown,” may be the record’s standout track. It has a bouncing guitar-rock driven sound with a quick, yet quirky drumbeat that captures the listener.

The title track displays their great songwriting chops. It shows that on some songs, the musicians know when to hold back, but when they do let it all out, they do not overplay or overpower the tune.

“Dead Language” is a solid display of songwriting all around, and a great listen all the way through that truly lets the musicianship of the four members shine. It’s a tight, complete piece of music with spot-on vocals for the genre, and it will be exciting to see where it takes The Soviet next.

The Soviet ‘Dead Language’ Rating: W W W W