ALBUM REVIEW: Man Overboard gives listeners punk rock ‘Heart Attack’

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First Posted: 5/20/2013

If there is one distinct thing about Man Overboard aside from their sound, it’s the amount of music they release. Between EPs, splits with other acts, B-sides, and full-lengths, the Philadelphia-based punk group holds nothing back. And now, the surprise full-length they wrote over winter was accidently leaked by Spotify and released a bit earlier than anticipated.

“Heart Attack” is straight and simple, like most punk rock albums, but it’s that exact quality that makes it great. The band’s musicianship has continued to grow, and the dual-vocal attack has been mastered, which lead to the band’s best music to date.

While Man Overboard has been known to trade catchy hooks for slightly heavier breakdowns from their hardcore influences, the band has finally found its perfect balance. First single “While Lies” captures a catchy guitar riff, a bouncing drum beat, and anthem-filled lyrics like, “Why is nobody else alone like me?”

Man Overboard gained a lot of ground in the music scene by writing extremely relatable songs, and they did not give up on that with “Heart Attack.” Every song is about being just a little bit different, not having what “everyone else has,” and it gives kids a piece of acceptance. The raw energy and music go perfectly with the raw themes of the tunes; it’s almost as if the music is a movie, and the lyrics are actors that fit perfectly.

“Hoodie Song” captures a Set Your Goals vibe and will sound familiar to any MO fan. “How to Hide Your Feelings” shows Man Overboard from a new angle, and the group did not miss a step. It’s more of a rock-driven song that changes pace frequently and truly captures the listener.

There is not one downfall track, or one that stands out for that matter. The entire album is perfectly balanced and evenly stacked. Each song is its own unique being, and they can all be singles. “Heart Attack” has a full concept and makes for an outstanding listen all the way through.

Man Overboard ‘Heart Attack’ Rating: W W W W