MAKEUP RULES: Imperial liner

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First Posted: 9/9/2013

Eyeliner has been a staple in makeup ever since ancient Egyptian times. Back then makeup played a crucial role in one’s existence, and even in the afterlife. Liner had become part of a ritual and it was believed that it could bring one’s soul closer to the god once deceased. Eyeliner was a must-have both for women and men alike, not only for beauty but also to deflect light (like how football players wear black paint on their cheeks) and for antibacterial purposes.

It wasn’t until the 1920s that women began to express themselves in a more abstract, feminine and glamorous light that eyeliner became more popular. Today, liners have advanced so greatly, with the invention of water-proof smudge-proof formulas, liquid or pencil, and an overabundance of colors to choose from.

Some of my favorite liners include: Stila Stay All Day water-proof liquid liner in black and cobalt (for those with super light crystal blue eyes); Tarte Light Camera Lashes inner rim brightener liner in nude, to help open up the eye and help conceal any redness, giving a well-rested appearance; Too Faced three-way lash lining tool, which has a three-prong felt tip that you can sweep across the lid for your traditional black liquid liner look or you can press along your lash line, leaving a trail of dots that give the appearance of fuller lashes. You can also tight line with this product, which means taking the liner and running it under your lashes on your upper lid, creating the look of fuller lashes and a more eye-defining effect.

A great way to utilize liner every day is to find a sheer wash of eye shadow color that compliments your iris, then follow with a colored liner that also compliments your eye color. Remember to apply the liner in a way to maximize your eye shape and really help to create the perfect almond shape; it’s the most flattering of eye shapes and gives people that dreamy, sultry, more attractive quality.

Tip: Follow the eye liner chart to help find the best way to apply your liner to best suit your eye shape and help get you to the perfect almond shape.

Trick: 90 percent of eye shadows can be used wet or dry. Take a little eye drop solution on a fine tip or angled brush and swipe across your favorite shadow for a long-wearing custom liner.