What’s on my bucket list?

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First Posted: 1/16/2013

What’s on my bucket list?

Well, I kicked being an editor of a fine entertainment publication off that list last year, so now I guess it’s just jumping out of planes, running marathons, and shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die. OK, I don’t really want to do any of those things, but when the staff started throwing ideas around for our new video series, Kick the Bucket, it did get me thinking about what I actually wanted to do. (Read all about the monthly series on pages 32 and 33.)

As it turns out, it’s just simple stuff like riding in a race car or playing paintball, all things that I can do right here in Northeast Pennsylvania. I realized that these are things that don’t have to wait until I’m old and gray. In fact, they probably shouldn’t or I might have a heart attack while attempting them! I’m not the bravest guy in the world, but I do enjoy taking chances now and again. I’m glad the rest of the staff here does too.

We’ve been taking a lot of chances lately, changing up our content and adding several new features like this one. I’m thankful that readers have not only embraced these changes, but started picking us up more frequently because of them. Our newly revamped website has been seeing a lot more traffic, too, and I think that’s because we offer a little something for everybody. For the past few months, we’ve had very little on food and fashion, for example, but that has since been rectified with new columns like Not Your Mama’s Kitchen and Makeup Tips, which both debut in this issue. We’ve got all your bases covered, from movies to music to beer to comic books to novels to video games to fitness to art, and more if you keep digging.

If you want to see something more frequently in these pages, just ask! As our first Kick the Bucket videos on our YouTube channel (youtube.com/WeekenderVideo) can attest, we’re willing to do some really crazy stuff to entertain you. We don’t even need to be triple-dog-dared to do it.

-Rich Howells, Weekender Editor