Stoker on Stoker

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First Posted: 5/21/2013

“I’m a huge fan of ‘The Office,’” smiled Dacre Stoker, greeting his audience at the Everhart Museum (1901 Mulberry St., Scranton) on Wednesday, May 15 the way most visitors greet a Scrantonian these days.

The great grandnephew of “Dracula” author Bram Stoker then asked, “Does anyone know if they still have the tour?” before apologizing if he cut things a little short that night; he had a long drive back home to catch his favorite sitcom’s final episode.

Canadian-American writer Dacre Stoker lives in Aiken, South Carolina. He is the great grandnephew of famed author Bram Stoker and manages his estate.

Stoker came to the Everhart’s current exhibition, “The Blood Is the Life: Vampires in Art & Nature,” to present his lecture “Stoker on Stoker.” The author of “Dracula the Undead” said he feels a responsibility to introduce Bram Stoker to fans of Dracula and vampire everywhere. Dacre’s assessment that people knew more about Count Chocula than his great granduncle drew a big laugh, but it illustrated his point perfectly. Bram is a virtual unknown compared to his iconic creation.

In his lifetime, Bram Stoker was a celebrated author well before the publication of his masterpiece. His biography tells an interesting story of sickly child who grew to a be champion collegiate athlete, working as a civil servant in the Irish fight against British oppression and even befriending the likes of literary contemporaries Mark Twain and Walt Whitman.

These interesting facts pale to the life events that led to creation of his masterwork, and Dacre shared his own personal views as well. Singer/songwriter Tom Waits, for example, portrayed Dacre Stoker’s favorite movie version of Renfield in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 film adaptation.

Want to learn more? Go to and visit The Everhart Museum. “The Blood Is the Life: Vampires in Art & Nature” is open until July 1.