Man of the Week: Liam Munley

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First Posted: 8/5/2013

Full name: Liam Munley

Age: 21

Hometown: Lake Ariel

Favorite Weekender feature: I’d Tap That

Favorite bar/restaurant: State Street Grill

What are you passionate about? My friendships and all things academia

Who do you admire? I’ve always been a disciple of the enigmatic Socrates and his methods and philosophies

What’s something most people don’t know about you? Im a huge closet geeked-out momma’s boy who cries every time he watches ‘A Walk to Remember’

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Cats make my eyes swell

If you had to pick, would you want someone with beauty or brains? I need someone who can keep up with my witty sarcasm, firstly, but a package deal couldn’t hurt

My last meal would be … chicken marsala from Anthony’s in Old Forge and my mother’s grilled asparagus

My theme song would be … ‘The Middle’ by Jimmy Eat World. It’s a song explaining the lack of need of conformity to fit in or be popular