MiZ performs intimate Weekender Session

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First Posted: 2/6/2013

Surrounded by blank brick walls and a set of metal stairs that lead to nowhere, a crew is setting up lighting and camera equipment on an icy cold Monday afternoon.

To someone freezing outside, they may wonder what could possibly be worth filming in the barren room on Center Street in downtown Scranton that once housed a jewelry store and coffee shop. The only other signs of life are a wooden clock still ticking on the wall, albeit an hour fast, and some colorful children’s blocks lined up spelling LOVE in the back corner. A black-and-white sign reads: For Rent: Approximately 1000 sq ft and basement.

When singer/songwriter Mike Mizwinski enters, however, the space lights up again as he quickly surveys and approves of the location the crew of JVW inc. has chosen for The Weekender’s recently relaunched Sessions music series.

Sitting on the lone wooden stool near the empty tiled counter, he immediately begins strumming his guitar, appreciating the echo that reverberates around him.

It does sound nice in here. I dig it, he commented.

The local Americana artist chose three songs to perform exclusively on The Weekend’s YouTube channel, the first being an original tune called Maybe Moonlight.

I rented a cabin on Lake Wallenpaupack over the summer, and I really wanted to work on a bunch of new songs and I was kind of sitting around not getting much done and I just literally sat down and wrote this, he explained to the camera in front of him.

I used to write really personal songs that were directly about things that happened in my life or whatever, but lately I’ve just been writing songs that I look at as like short stories, so this is one of those songs.

It may not be personal, but the soulful lyrics tell a story that anyone could relate to, which, combined with his expressive and poignant talent, make it clear why his work resonates with so many throughout Northeast Pennsylvania.

To watch the entire Weekender Session, go to theweekender.com. For more on MiZ, visit mikemizmusic.com.

Go online to watch Mike Mizwinski perform Maybe Moonlight, Snowflakes, and The Rope Swing exclusively for theweekender.com.