BREAKING DOWN THE WALLS: Local hardcore and punk shows on the way

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First Posted: 4/30/2013

Just recently, three new local shows have been announced that are happening very soon. Code Orange Kids and Halfling will be playing Embassy Vinyl (352 Adams Ave., Scranton) on Monday, May 20; Turnstile, King Nine, Angel Dust, Disengage, and Blind Justice will be playing at West Side Park in Nanticoke on Monday, June 3; and finally, Stick Together, Demolition, Ancient Heads, Intent, and Big Contest will be playing at the Glen Lyon American Legion (64 Newport St., Glen Lyon) on Sunday, June 9.

I have gone on three tours this year already and expected to be welcomed home by nice, warm weather and a slew of shows at our doorstep each time. However, the winter stayed much longer than it was welcome, and the shows were few and far between. I couldn’t be happier to see warmth coming back and bringing the bands with it. I said that before about four months ago in an article where I tried to compare Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions to my own. Just like Phil, I was wrong.

May 20’s concert showcases Code Orange Kids from Pittsburgh, who are one of the most recent additions to Deathwish, Inc. They break down every possible barrier of heavy music – doing as they please with diverse and interesting songs. Local sons Halfling will also be playing. If you have been unable to catch them yet, take some time out of your Monday night to enjoy one of the area’s best young bands.

Turnstile, playing June 3, have only released 13 songs to date but have become one of hardcore’s biggest and most watched bands, even though their various other projects take up the majority of their time. Their newest release is entitled “Step 2 Rhythm,” which is a very apt title because they play some of the grooviest songs going.

King Nine from Long Island, N.Y., are another band that is rarely able to get out and play. Their NEPA debut will showcase their hard sound interlaced with their intricate guitar work. Angel Dust is a new project from Baltimore, Md. Featuring members of some of the biggest names in hardcore, Angel Dust play a fast style of hardcore influenced by essential punk names but find a way to bring melody and mosh it together into one. Their new release will be out on React! Records this summer. Disengage will be playing our first show of the year, and New Jersey’s Blind Justice, who are continuing the legacy of great hardcore from the Jersey Shore, rounds out the gig.

Finally, June 8’s show features some of the newest acts in the hardcore scene, but I feel like that these bands will be the talk of the town in the upcoming year. Big Contest is my newest project featuring members of Boston’s Free Spirit and myself. D.C.’s Intent also features members of Free Spirit but bring a completely different style. Intent released their first demo last year and will be releasing a second very soon.

Ancient Heads showcased their sound by releasing two demos last year. Featuring a left-handed guitarist and some of the best demo artwork of the decade, Ancient Heads will be sure to please everyone. Demolition just recently signed to Triple-B Records and will soon be releasing their debut 7-inch “World Gone Mad.” If you like New York hardcore, then you will love Demolition. Finally, locals Stick Together complete this gig, making our first local appearance since our show in Nanticoke in February. A new LP is expected very soon.