MAKEUP RULES: Love your color

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First Posted: 8/26/2013

Fall is quickly approaching and the September issues of the top style magazines are out, displaying all the new hair trend colors – are you ready to make the change?

Working at the Sapphire Salon & Destination Spa, I see a lot of hair color clients come in every six-to-eight weeks for their color retouch. I also see the same people come in for their new spring/summer or fall/winter trend color looks every season.

This fall/winter, hair color collections are featuring soft cool brown tones, very bright whites, neutral wheat blondes and, of course, natural golden redheads. Whichever color you decide to transform yourself with, it is very vital to update your makeup collection to go with it, as well as fit in with the latest seasonal trends.

If you are making that drastic change, be sure to set aside extra time with your stylist or makeup artist for a makeup lesson to help sort out and pick up new shades of eye colors, lip colors, and cheek colors to compliment your new look.

I know from experience that whenever I change my hair color, I am quite weary about the initial transformation and second guess the whole thing until I change up my blush or bronzer.

When going with a new hair color, always take into consideration your eye color. Pick out different tones within your iris and go with them for your new color; that way you’re staying true to your natural chemistry and, no matter the level of drastic change, this new hue will still compliment you.

Take that same theory and apply it to your new makeup, taking the colors that are in your iris and using matching tones on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. If you have blue eyes or green eyes with no other golden tones in them, it’s obvious you can’t wear blue or green blush/lipstick. In cases like this, it’s best to look at a color wheel and use something opposite these colors that will be complimentary to them.

For example, blue eyes look amazing with bronze, golden, or copper tones. Green goes great with red, purple, or gold tones. Keeping your look cohesive and monochromatic is the best way to go; it’s very natural, and no matter who you are or what you look like, it’s the most flattering. Besides, no one really ever compliments how amazing your red and black mohawk makes your eyes look and, if they do, do they mean it?

Tip: Dark Coca-Cola-colored lips are a must this fall, but to maintain a sense of beauty, keep the rest of your look light and airy.

Trick: Change up your existing natural hair color with vibrant-colored shampoos that will add or impart specific tones to liven up your hair. Aveda carries such shampoos and conditioners for redheads, brunettes, black hair, golden blondes, and platinum blondes at