ALBUM REVIEW: Jameson’s new EP goes down smooth

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First Posted: 7/1/2013

With music constantly changing and new genres always forming, sometimes good, old-fashioned songwriting goes overlooked. Remember when the writer would take a modern issue, give you his/her take on it, add in some original guitar riffs, a killer drum beat, and whirlwind dynamics?

With auto-tune and electronic dance music so popular, a modern version of just listenable music is hard to find, but lucky for music fans, Tucker Jameson has released an EP titled “Son of Superbia” that gives hope to the industry.

The title track is a great attention-grabbing first song. He tackles the issue with modern-day America: grow up, get a good job, make a lot of money. Jameson puts a lot in perspective in his catchy guitar and gritty vocals.

“Get Your Own F—king Life” has a great chorus that will have the listener bobbing their head and tapping their toe as they sing along. It’s a great easy-listening summer tune, and it would be a great radio-ready single.

Jameson mixes up the tempo on the final three songs and closes out the EP well with unsung hero “Nothin’ but Love.” He lets you inside his head to take a ride without taking you too deep.

The album definitely has a concept feel to it, as a lot of social issues in America are addressed. From how you’re suppose to live, look, and grow up, Jameson gives hope to those whose dreams don’t exactly fit the “American Dream,” and he adds a touch of personality to it.

A solid collection of songs, it will be interesting to see where the EP can take Jameson’s young career and how he will use these songs as building blocks for more just like them. Overall, the summertime was a great time to release these tracks, as windows down, feel-good music like this doesn’t come around as often as it should.

Tucker Jameson ‘Son of Superbia’ Rating: W W W W

-Matt Morgis, Weekender Correspondent