Let’s get real: It’s lonely being alone

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First Posted: 11/30/2014

Dear Melissa,

The holidays are a difficult time of year to be single. I see constant reminders on Facebook and on TV that I am alone. I am finding it hard to find joy in seeing my friends posting pictures of decorating the tree and having meals with their loved ones and now I am getting the custom made holiday cards in the mail with pictures of them so in love and happy. I am finding it is making me bitter and its ruining my holidays. How does a single girl cope with the holiday loneliness?

-Bah Humbug!

Dear Humbug,

Social media and the Hallmark channel have banned together to make you feel the lonely holiday blues. There are worse things you could be this year than single. First of all, do not rush into a relationship with someone just so that you can avoid the holiday alone. Celebrate your relationship with yourself. What could be better than knowing on Christmas morning Santa will know your wish list and will have delivered that new pair of shoes under your tree that you have been eyeing up all season. Just because you aren’t in a relationship, does not mean that you are destined to spend your holidays alone. Use this time to reconnect with your loved ones. Start a new tradition with your mother, the memories will be much more lasting and rewarding than sitting on your couch sulking in front of your Netflix account. Plan a fancy dinner at your house and invite all of your best girlfriends over. Make you the love of your life and it will surely be a holiday to remember. If all else fails and you still need that holiday kiss, grab some mistletoe and a handsome stranger, plant one on his face and walk away head held high. You will be forever known as that mysterious holiday honey.