Spring on neon

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First Posted: 3/27/2014

When you hear orange, pink, yellow, blue, and green, and then add the word “neon,” you wouldn’t automatically assume I am talking about the new spring makeup trends. You will now see all the celebrities and upcoming fashion shows, plus ads and makeup collections being put up in Sephora, Ulta, and other makeup retailers, are showing an influx of neon-inspired makeup.

Once again, when it comes to makeup trends, you need to approach them with confidence as well as maintaining a nice balance of what works for you with what’s on trend. No one should tackle all the looks at one particular time, especially with the new neon look.

For eyes: Take any one color neon eyeshadow and surround your entire lashline, pulling the color up slightly to your crease and a little more outward from the outer corner of your eye. This is a different approach to wearing single shades all over the entire lid like “garage doors.” Follow the look with extra black mascara and black eye liner on both upper and lower lashlines.

For lips: The most popular neon color is orange; particularly a red orange. To apply, make sure you use a lip primer that eliminates your lip color so that your neon lip color shows true. Apply the neon shade of your choice by following your natural lip line.

If you want to be daring, stick with a blue or green lipstick color with a pink or gold eye shadow. To play it safe, wear “like” colors, like a pink eye and pink lip. To be even more natural yet on trend, wear just the neon eyes or just the neon lip.

Another way to wear this spring neon look would be to choose a color for your upper lid, like a neon blue, and a different color for your lower lid, like a neon green, and finish the look with a neon orange lipstick.

If you are too shy to wear a neon lipstick, you can wear a neon lip gloss that will give you a subtle pop of sheer neon color.

Tip: Compliment your fashion-forward neon makeup look with equally trend-worthy neon nails or start with neon nails as your gateway to neon.

Trick: If you aren’t a fan of eyes and lips, you can apply a neon pink cheek color.