Quick Chord: Backstory, Residual Kid, and Forth Wanderers

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First Posted: 12/16/2014


East Stroudsburg, Pa.

Sounds like: Melodic hardcore/punk influenced by array of bands including Comeback Kid, Title Fight, Basement, and The Chariot.

Fun fact: The members of Backstory sing random things while talking to each other. Backstory said “even though our fan base isn’t that big yet our shows get pretty crazy which is awesome.”

Find them: Facebook.com/backstorypa, Twitter/Instagram: @BackstoryPA

Residual Kid

Austin, Texas

Sounds like: Grungy punk — packed with beefy guitar riffs with a dash of Nirvana and Black Sabbath.

Fun fact: The band is comprised of 3 teenagers, the youngest of which is 14 years old.

Find them: residualkid.com, facebook.com/residualkid, residualkid.bandcamp.com, Instagram: @ residualkidofficial, soundcloud.com/residual-kid

Forth Wanderers

Montclair, N.J.

Sounds like: Indie rock with blended bits of pop, layered with twinkly guitars and dreamy vocals with complementing harmonies.

Fun fact: The singer “Lorde” put out a tweet about Forth Wanderers music which helped them loads with exposure when they were first starting out as a band.

Find them: facebook.com/forthwanderers, forthwanderers.bandcamp.com