QUICK CHORD: These Elk Forever, Everything Ever, and Check Your Morals

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First Posted: 9/2/2014

These Elk Forever

Kingston, Pa.

Sounds like: sad electronic folk

Fun fact: Greg chose the name These Elk Forever after rooting through old notebooks at his parents’ house, and stumbling upon a poem he had written in 1994: “Our love is a beautiful, ferocious love; it is a love that will inevitably destroy us, quickly/mercilessly, and forever, like elk or ice cream.” He doesn’t know what it means, or why he chose ‘elk’ over ‘ice cream’ for his band name.

Find them: theseelkforever.bandcamp.com, Twitter: @theseelkforever

Everything Ever

Staten Island, N.Y. and Haworth, N.J.

Sounds like: fast, energetic, progressive, pop-punk.

Fun fact: Vocalist and guitarist, dNo lives and dies by The Mets. Zach their drummer lives and dies by The Devils. Trotta, their vocalist and bassist, lives and dies by Chipotle.

Find them: everythingever.bandcamp.com, facebook.com/everythingeverband, Twitter: @everythingever_, Instagram: @everythingever, everythingeverband.tumblr.com, youtube.com/everythingeverband

Check Your Morals

Clifton, N.J.

Sounds like: A fusion of alternative and pop punk influenced by Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and Taking Back Sunday. Their sound is upbeat, fun, and catchy; this combination creates their melodic sound.

Fun fact: The band claims that “they will destroy anyone who challenges them at Super Smash Bros.”

Find them: facebook.com/checkyourmorals, reverbnation.com/Checkyourmorals, Instagram: @Checkyourmorals