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First Posted: 10/13/2014

Halloween is the one night of the year when you can dress however you desire. Girls can turn the driest occupations into something sexual — from librarians to nuns. Guys can make the most offensive costumes into something some may argue to be ‘funny’ — from a priest having an affair with an altar boy to an abortion doctor.

Weekender visited college campuses to ask students what the craziest costume they ever saw at a Halloween party was?

Warning! You may laugh or get offended.

Joseph Dylan, Fort Worth, Texas

“I saw someone dressed as a condom. I thought it was pretty incredible because I never saw a condom on someone else before.”

Brandon Lamberton, Lake Ariel

“I saw someone dressed up as a tampon at this party once. The weird part was that it was a dude.”

Corey Flynn, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey

“I was a baby for Halloween once and I only wore a diaper. Nothing else. Surprisingly, it stayed on all night.”

Zach Hill, Pasadena, Maryland

“I saw a blow up penis costume at a party. Now that was pretty crazy. It’s the only thing I remember about that night.”

Trevor Marszalek, Hazleton

“Someone dressed up as a one-night-stand at a party I was at. He looked like a night stand with tissues and a lamp on it. It was fitting, because this guy had a lot of one-night-stands.”

Kaitlyn Emmert, Westminster, Maryland

“I saw someone dressed up as a chick magnet. He had this big magnet on him and had peeps attached to it. It was really creative, but also ironic, because he was no chick magnet.”

Catie Voegler, Liverpool, New York

“This guy in my class said he plans on dressing up as Eric Frein for Halloween. That would be really crazy and absolutely horrible. And disgusting. Horrible and disgusting.”

Jackie Hynes, Hingham, Massachusetts

“My best friend from home dressed up as a toucan. A homemade toucan costume. She glued feathers to herself. I was allergic to her all night long.”

Alea Fritz, Hershey

“A guy dressed up as Nicki Minaj at a party I went to freshman year. He didn’t have the ass for it.”