Let’s get real:

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First Posted: 10/27/2014

Dear Melissa,

My boyfriend had been acting strange lately and very suspicious. He was always on his phone and had been very cold to me. We live together and I am 5 months pregnant with our first child. One night he went out drinking with his friends and when he came home and passed out his phone kept buzzing with incoming messages. I looked on the screen and saw they were from a girl saying she had a great time that night and she can’t wait until they hang out again. When I asked him about it, he said that she was just a girl that was hanging out in the circle of friends, a friend of his buddy’s girlfriend. He says it was completely harmless and the message didn’t say anything too scandalous but is it just my pregnancy hormones causing me to overthink this?

Hormonal Hot Mess

Dear Mama to be,

You aren’t a hot mess. That’s a shady text. My advice is to talk to some of the other girls that were out that night. If she is a friend of a friend, how did she get your guy’s phone number? Why were you sitting home? I think this takes some more investigative work. I know when you’re pregnant that your mind can easily run away with ideas, it happened to me when I was pregnant too. You have to protect yourself and that little baby, stress is NOT good for a pregnancy. Your guy needs to respect that. He should not be giving you reason to go crazy, you will have plenty of that happening in the coming months as it is. Pregnancy aside, if I saw that kind of message on my guy’s phone, I would be raising an eyebrow myself. He needs a wake-up call, that’s not cool. He is not respecting you or your relationship having those kinds of interactions. Tell him to put himself in your shoes. What if he saw that kind of message from some random guy on your phone, how would he feel?