BREAKING DOWN THE WALLS: Area music Marches on

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First Posted: 3/3/2014

Somehow, March has crept up behind us and quickly prodded its head into our calendar. The first two months of 2014 have brought more snow than shows, but that’s all right, I guess. Last month, our area was the host of two of the biggest touring hardcore acts out there, and as we narrowly avoided a super-storm, cooling winds bring with it a musical about-face for a show on Sunday, March 9 at the lamp post in Wilkes-Barre featuring Adventures, Shorthand, and Killjoy.

The lamp post has been having events since late last year and created a name for itself as a creative space for poetry, art, dance, and music, but this show will be the first pure musical event held there. If you have not been able to make their monthly events, this will be a great time to experience a new creative venue in the area. The space is located on the third floor of Downtown Arts, formerly Arts YOUniverse, on 47 North Franklin Street in Wilkes-Barre.

Adventures are a band from Pittsburgh that play a very affectionate, stripped down noodly punk that they have showcased on their various EPs. The band, mainly made up of members of hardcore band Code Orange Kids, is seemingly always on tour in one form or another, but this is their first time in our area.

Shorthand, from Scranton, are local heartthrobs who recently released a tape via Orphanage Records entitled “Stunts Only Goons Attempt,” recently reviewed by The Weekender. This tape is not only their best effort yet, but it shows a band finding themselves and writing better and more intricate songs. And finally, opening the show is a new band from the area called Killjoy. After a series of bands (Trainwrecker, Flowers) broke up, Killjoy formed and combined aspects of all previous work to create mature and involved songs all within their first batch. Expect their first songs to be released soon.

Also, in other local music news, two new demos were released in the past months. First, 3D released their five-song demo digitally last week. 3D, a band featuring members of United Youth, Life of Reilly, and myself, play a style of hardcore that is equal parts contemporary and classic, combing elements of late ‘80s New York hardcore with a modern sensibility and a serious message to step into the third dimension.

Secondly, Life of Reilly released a promo for their upcoming 7-inch. This tape features an entire re-recording of last year’s demo as well as two brand new songs. This entire record will be out around the summer, but for those who are too impatient to wait, you can now enjoy a little preview at

Life of Reilly not only have a new tightness on this recording but also express an ability to stretch a timeless genre into its outermost territory, doing minute-long punk songs with layered guitars, chorus pedals, and other experimental ideas that sonically smash preconceived barriers. Their yet-to-be-titled 7-inch will surely be an important release for the area, as well as one of the year’s best.