ALBUM REVIEW: ‘New Laws’ breaks new ground in NEPA

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First Posted: 4/29/2014

Local music scenes may change, ebb, and flow, but they never truly go away. There has always been a great music scene in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area for quite some time, but the resurgence of talent recently is astounding. On April 26, The Great Party, and the release of their debut full-length album “New Laws,” shows that they might just be the kings and queen of that scene.

If The Great Party’s EP was the appetizer to what this band is capable of musically, then “New Laws” is the main course of this auditory feast. A few years ago, their EP brought forth a great original sound. It was filled with awesome tracks that are still amazing today, but this album shows a definite growth in all aspects of music making. “New Laws” was made with a love and respect of the craft itself.

Michael and Rosaleen Eastman’s vocals are top notch, and splitting vocal duties provides a fresh sound to every track. Michael Nordberg is a virtuoso in every respect of the word; his guitar on “Volt” gives the imagery of a coursing current. And, as always, Matt Mang, on bass guitar, and Matt Thomas, on drums, are the workhorses of the band. What is also impressive is that the listener can get a sense of their live performances from the tracks themselves. “The Walk of Esther Mann” and “Family” exemplifies their stage presence. Both are high-energy tracks that one cannot help dance to. Then again, just about every song this band creates will get anyone up and out of their seats.

With great vocals, impressive instrumentals, and catchy songs, The Great Party has made an album that will not get old anytime soon. In the end, “New Laws” is simply a must-own for anyone’s music collection.

The Great Party ‘New Laws’ Rating: W W W W W