MAKEUP RULES: Brows, revisited

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First Posted: 1/20/2014

Eyebrows are ever-changing; over the past few years, we have seen eyebrows go from pencil thin, super thick and sculpted, bleached white and, at one point during fashion week in the past, looks were accompanied by a unibrow.

Many tricks over time have surfaced that utilize your brows to widen your nose, make your nose look more narrow, give you a higher brow arch, and create structure to your face. To be honest, the best look for brows is to keep them on the thick side, as the more thick your brows appear, the younger you look. I’m not talking about outrageous, over-the-top, thick filled-in brows, though.

This season for brows, we take our theory of a slightly thicker brow and mix in a little more unkempt brows, making sure to minimize overly-structured and sharp brows.

To keep your eyebrows looking more on-trend, take a soft brow shadow in a shade above your natural brow color, keeping in the same toned color family. Take this brow color and shade in your brow, concentrating the color in the inner portion of the brow and staying away from the bottom rows of hair. This will give you the look and definition of having structured brows from afar, but up close giving you an overall softer, more natural appearance.

If you have to do any maintenance to your new trend brow, it would be to tweeze the center between the two, and maybe a few extremely random stragglers that appear on the eyelid or on the forehead and temples.

With this new and specific brow trend, it is imperative to make sure your makeup coordinates appropriately. Do not pull your base color or eye primer up to the brow bone; coating any hair by the brow will result in an unattractive caking. Keep your entire look very neutral and natural, occasionally adding a bold lip and precise eyelashes.

Tip: Coloring your brows is completely unnecessary with this trend look. For people with extremely light brows, use a brow shadow that is one shade darker than your natural brow color.

Trick: Trying a trend brow is exciting, but make sure when deciding to remove more brow than normal to really think about your decision, because sometimes they don’t grow back as quickly – or at all.