MAKEUP RULES: Makeup vacation

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First Posted: 4/22/2014

We are about to embark on a makeup vacation! Do not let the title fool you, though; I am not talking about taking a break from your everyday makeup. What I will discuss is my version of a summer makeup essentials kit, perfect for travel.

First and foremost, you can’t tote makeup anywhere without a makeup bag. For summer travel, I suggest something compact, durable, and with a multitude of compartments so items don’t jumble around and, of course, something that is waterproof.

Secondly, the most important item that should go in the bag should be your protection. I know what you’re thinking, and although those items are important, I am actually talking about sun protection. Anything with SPF that has UVA/UVB protection in it will work; the higher the SPF the better – just make sure you distribute the lotion evenly prior to going out in the sun as well as continually reapplying during your time out of the sun.

Next, I would bring something to help conceal any unnecessary blemishes or that unforeseen sunburn, like a tinted moisturizer or a hydrating concealer wand or both.

Then I would toss in a cream cheek and lip color duo. I love Stila Cosmetics’ convertible color cheek and lip in camellia, which will warm up and tone down sunburned cheeks, giving you a sun-kissed bronze dewy glow and a nice neutral lip.

Typical eye shadow is out on this trip. I suggest using a long wear waterproof cream shadow pot, my favorite colors being 13 warm beige (champagne shimmer) and 2 steel (silver gray shimmer) from Make Up For Ever Professional’s Aqua Cream eye shadow.

Additional hydration is a must for face and body. I love using a lip conditioner while out in the sun, since I tend to be dehydrated 99 percent of my day. A great lip treatment for vacation is from AVEDA called Nourish-Mint renewing lip treatment. This lip treatment plumps naturally without irritation, smooths fine lines by 26 percent, increases moisture by 26 percent, and is flavored with vanilla and spearmint (

As for your body, I am a big fan of FakeBake brand Mistifier, which will give you the ultimate in long-lasting moisture without oil leaving skin super silly and smooth (

As in previous articles, I suggest getting your eyelashes permed and tinted so that you can swim and do not have to worry about your mascara running into your eyes and smearing around from the intense heat.

Lastly, I would take along a travel-size version of Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray to guarantee a melt-free summer.

Tip: Another product from FakeBake is their FakeBake Sport, which is a gradual long wear colorless self tanning lotion that works with your skin’s own melanin to create the perfect customized sweat-proof tan.

Trick: Vacationing with friends? Make a game plan on who is bringing what styling tools to free up some extra space for more beauty essentials. Who needs four flat irons?