Sorry Mom & Dad: How to organize a bar crawl

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First Posted: 8/11/2014

There are several ways to celebrate an achievement.

If you land a match on Tinder, good sex is often the best way to celebrate.

Another way to praise a solid victory is by blasting a Facebook status. However, a social media post is most often suitable for bragging about engagements and pregnancies – sometimes as a result of the good sex from a Tinder match.

Personally, I prefer a good old fashioned bar crawl with lots of people – and even more beer – when I’m honoring an accomplishment.

I recently threw together a bar crawl to celebrate my 200th column. Organizing such an event can be more difficult than you may think. Here are some tips on how to coordinate a legit bar crawl:

Tip No. 1: Pick a solid crew

Your bar crawl will only be as fun as the company you invite. Include people that you know are always down for a good time. Don’t invite that person who is driving a brand new BMW that daddy bought them. They won’t be game for walking around town all night from bar to bar. There’s nothing more annoying than watching a dude dressed like Carlton from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” bitching that his loafers are giving him blisters.

Also, invite people who are good at mingling. You don’t want your high school friends to be in one corner of the bar while your friends from work are at the other end.

Tip No. 2: Matching T-Shirts

You can’t have a bar crawl without matching T-Shirts.

I had our shirts made in NEPA at Mad Tees in Dupont. When you call 570.654.TEES there is a good chance that Maudene will answer. Her friendly demeanor will put anyone in a great mood. They’re great on short notice and almost ridiculously affordable.

After the crawl, the shirts will serve as a great keepsake.

Tip No. 3: Selecting a bar route

Having no bar route = complete chaos. Helpful hint: Don’t be too ambitious with the amount of bars you decide to hit. You don’t want your group to feel rushed. Commit to three bars:

Bar 1: The classy bar. Picking a nice establishment for your group to meet makes everyone feel like they’re getting their Iggy Azalea on and about to live #FANCY. PJ’s Pub inside the Hilton Scranton & Conference Center is a great choice to start your crawl. For starters, your group pictures will have an elegant background. Most importantly, with their full bar menu that includes martini’s, you can begin your celebration with a drink that you won’t normally get at a packed night club.

Bar 2: The bar that everyone goes to. Going to the most popular bar in town will make everyone happy.

Bar 3: Your favorite bar. After spending a solid hour at your first two stops, pick your favorite bar to spend the rest of your night. My favorite bar is Kildare’s Irish Pub in downtown Scranton. They have the best bartenders in NEPA, a diverse drink selection, an outdoor patio and the only rooftop bar in Scranton.

Tip No. 4: Good eats

After dancing to some good beats, you’ll want to sober up with some good eats. Crashing a diner is so basic. Getting a cake will fulfill your munchies as well as honor your celebration. Gerrity’s Supermarkets, spread across NEPA, make affordable, delicious cakes.

Tip No. 5: Safety Last

While safety is usually a first priority, it’s better to save it for last on a bar crawl. Ending your night with a DUI is about as cool as cocaine after 1989. If none of your friend’s live within walking distance, split a downtown hotel room with some friends.

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