Is Bill Cosby getting away with rape?

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First Posted: 11/24/2014

Bill Cosby is one of America’s favorite television dad’s of all-time — or was.

The 77-year old has earned many titles over the years including comedian, actor, author, producer, educator, musician, activitst and now alleged rapist. After decades-old allegations of sexual assault have resurfaced, along with new accusations coming forward, the millions of fans that grew up with Cosby are left shocked, torn between whether or not to believe such a respected icon with a warm place in their heart could be capable of such disheartening misconduct.

While some feel Cosby to be innocent until proven guilty, others are griefed with discontent at how the comic appears to be getting away with rape.

Weekender asked some of our readers their thoughts on the subject. This is what they said…