“Call of Duty” beckons

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First Posted: 12/2/2014

“Call of Duty: Advanced Warefare” isn’t just the future of battle, it is the future of the series. For the first time in the series “Advanced Warefare” is developed by Sledgehammer games the creators of the “Dead Space” games. Sledgehammer games is a master of creating a immersive environment whether it be cutting edge graphics or sound design they know how to make you feel like part of the game world.

“Advanced Warefare” is a big departure for the “Call of Duty” franchise thanks to all the new technologies and tactics which really change the way you play but the shooting and game modes are the same top quality the series is known for. A new edition to the series is the addition of real star power, thanks to academy award winner Kevin Spacey. The graphics and facial animation really bring out his acting quality. This is the most technically impressive game in the series.

Set in a somewhat distant but believable future, the creators of the game did a lot of research to figure out what real life weapons and tactics might be around in 20 years, making everything feel futuristic but grounded in reality. Spacey plays Jonathan Irons, who is one of the most powerful men in the world because he is the leader of a Private Military Corporation(PMC) which are the dominant forces in the military worldwide.

One of the first things you notice is the armor your character wears, the new soldiers have an exo-skeleton suit which enhance their abilities in many ways. Movement is enhanced making them faster and stronger, and they can move vertically thanks to boost jumps and a grappling hook. There are also upgrades that increase awareness on the battlefield making it easier to spot enemies, and there are even some cloaking devices that make stealth a much more viable option. If you don’t want to sneak around you can go in guns blazing thanks to increased strength, endurance, and armor. Thanks to these new upgrades players don’t have to specialize as much as they did in previous games, so it is more accessible to newer players.

Unlike the last few editions of the “Call of Duty” series, the story campaign is really good and not just a tacked on after thought. Due to a reckless death, Kevin Spacey’s character vows to create a world where such deaths will be avoided thanks to advanced technology. The story has a lot going on and is much more complex then the usual ‘kill all the terrorists’ we are used to. The missions are quite varied and you get to see all sorts of different skills such as flying, diving underwater, and of course shooting missions. The new gear really changes the way you play, you have a pulse and drones that will identify where enemies are on the field.

Just like the other games in the series, “Call of Duty” is known for it’s multiplayer, and that is where “Advanced Warefare” really shines. The customization you can have in your characters and the match types is just plain absurd. When you start a match you get to pick from 13 different attributes. You can customize cloaking, weapons, health boosts, demolition expertise and even score-streaks. As you play you rank up unlocking new weapons, perks and new abilities. You can also earn several different supply drops that will earn you different equipment you can use to cosmetically customize your character. All of the different multiplayer modes are back as well as new game modes like uplink or the new co-op survival mode.

Overall “Call of Duty: Advanced Warefare” is the best edition this yearly series has had in quite some time. The new exo-suits and new gear make the game feel fresh and new after all these years. The graphics, facial animations, and sound make this the most impressive game so far, and the single player story is the best the series has had in years. The multiplayer is as top notch as you would expect from the series and the new game modes are fun to play. If you are a “COD” vet you will love this game and even if you are new to the shooter genre you will have fun with this game. “Advance Warefare” really shows why the “Call of Duty” series is so popular and is one of the best shooters on the market.