BREAKING DOWN THE WALLS: Warming up for Cold World

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First Posted: 5/27/2014

Finally the winter’s ice-cold grip has loosened and Northeast Pennsylvania is flourishing in all of spring’s glory. People can actually go outside without having to shovel their way out, and, as seems to be the reoccurring theme, the bands are coming with them. July has two shows already booked for the month, and Cold World, one of the area’s most revered bands, announced more information on their sophomore LP.

Tuesday, July 1 at Glen Lyon American Legion is the “Life & Death” tour, featuring seven out-of-area bands all convening at once. Backtrack, Long Island natives and Bridge 9 recording artists, is making their second appearance with their latest LP, “Lost in Life.” Harms Way is making their way from Chicago and are debuting material from “Blinded,” their Deathwish debut. Another band from the Midwest, Expire, is returning to the American Legion after they pleased fans with their last show with Power Trip. New Jersey’s Suburban Scum is playing for this first time since they played Redwood Art Space. Downpresser is also returning quickly since their show with Backtrack earlier this year. Iron Mind is making their U.S. debut on this tour, traveling all the way from Australia. And rounding out the show is Freedom, one of the most buzzed about bands currently playing early U.S. hardcore to a tee.

Secondly, on Friday, July 11 at West Side Park, a mostly local show is happening at 6 p.m. Strength For A Reason is headlining, and it’s hard to say something that hasn’t been said before about a band has been making waves locally and nationally for over a decade. The Mongoloids will be playing here for the last time before they hang up their boots later in the summer. Not Til Death from Nanticoke will be playing for the first time locally in quite some time, and for those who have not experienced a set from them yet, this will be a great chance to catch them. And finally, Heavy Chains from New Jersey will be making their area debut as they are catching a lot of attention. The show also has a “to-be-announced” listed, so there could be even more bands added down the line.

Lastly, Cold World announced that Tuesday, Aug. 5 will see the release of their sophomore LP “How the Gods Chill.” I wrote briefly that the band was recording on tour throughout the country, as they were trying to wrap things up on the record that has been in the works for several years now. The LP art is reminiscent of their last record, “Dedicated to Babies Who Came Feet First,” as it features an iconic Michael Rifkin black and white photo and lettering from famed artist Haze.

While cosmetically the LP looks to be an extension of their previous work, the songs they have played live over the last few years are a departure from that, creating a new sonic realm featuring harder, yet refined songs. I will be sure to feature the record as it comes closer to its release date. And for those too anxious to get the LP in their hands, the band will be playing at This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia in July.