Bring the Heat reunite to reignite

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First Posted: 10/14/2014

For the members of Wilkes-Barre hardcore foursome Bring the Heat, their band name isn’t just a catchy moniker. It’s a mission statement.

“This area needs some more heavy music than what it currently has. We all feel that what the scene is offering right now doesn’t really measure up against other city’s heavy music scenes,” Michael Tyahur, the group’s drummer, said.

If you’re a regular in the NEPA music scene, you might know Tyahur from his previous band, the instrumental post-metal act Empire of the Sea.

Originally formed in the winter of 2009, Bring the Heat lasted long enough to release a six-track demo and a five-track E.P. of no-frills, take-no-prisoners hardcore, gaining a rabid cult following before the members decided to go their separate ways. This Saturday, the heat is on once again, as the band returns at the Hope Faith Cure ALS Benefit Show in Scranton.

Its members are hoping to not just light a fire under the NEPA’s scene heavy music offerings, but under the entire scene itself.

“When we originally started the band, we started it for the fans. One the reasons we’re coming back is there’s a stronger local show thing going on right now,” vocalist Jim White said.

“There was a hiatus in things back when Café Metropolis died and The Backstage fell off the grid forever. Now we see more new venues opening up, and we just want to help the scene push onward. Maybe we can bring out some of the kids who used to be into our band, some of those old faces as well as the new ones, and just help the scene, help the venues make some money and ultimately keep kids out of trouble.”

Bring the Heat is currently putting the finishing touches on “Water Under the Bridge,” a new E.P. featuring a new song, “Cheap Shot,” and rerecorded versions of tracks from the previous demo and E.P. This new version of the band – including founding members Tyahur and White alongside guitarist Bill Check, Tyahur’s Empire bandmate and a member of an earlier incarnation of Bring the Heat himself, and bassist Brandon Whipple, former member of nationally touring act Ligeia – isn’t content to rest on the strength of old material.

“Now that we have Bill in the band, we have full studio recording capabilities,” Tyahur. “We’re definitely going to be utilizing that. Within the next year, we’re going to be recording a brand new E.P., and/or a full-length. No rerecorded stuff, all original material.”

That sense of forward-thinking perseverance is something that is reflected not just in the band’s music and lyrics, but also in the shows that it plays. It’s a major reason why the band is excited for its return show to be an all-day Lou Gehrig’s disease charity event, featuring more than ten acts all raising money for The ALS Association.

“Anytime we can give back to people and help out a cause that really means something to somebody, we try to do that,” White says. “We have a nice roster of benefit shows under our belt and it’s not something I can ever imagine us not doing.”