An Apple A Day Keeps the Hangover Away

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First Posted: 9/30/2014

In Philadelphia the second annual “Pour the Core” hard cider festival, one that is right up my alley happened last weekend. I’m gluten free and love to people watch hipsters so this couldn’t get better.

I got a late start to the “City of Brotherly Love” because I was getting no love from the shots of Jameson I took the night before. At 25 years old, my hangovers are wretched. That I have to be a functioning member of society the next morning is something I continuously forget when I am accepting that third car bomb from a stranger at the bar.

I got to my best friend’s apartment at 2:30 p.m., instead of the intended noon, it was no surprise she looked irritated. She was hit by the struggle bus too though. We left for the festival and I struggled in the SEPTA. It was hot, smelly and I wanted to vomit. We finally got to the Navy Yard and realized we had two hours to taste the fruits of this earth.

The first 2 ounces of wine were rough. My body was rejecting the alcohol, naturally, but I was going to win this war. Fast forward to 10 more 2-ounce drinks later, a bottle of water and some gluten-filled fried cheese curds (that I would regret), I was feeling better or at least drunk again.

I tasted Jack’s Cider: Helen’s Blend and demanded that they sell in NEPA. I am not sure if he responded or if I was too tipsy to hear the response. Woodchuck’s Pink Cider, crafted to help cancer survivors reclaim their lives with donations being made to Dragonheart’s Survivorship NOW, which offers programs to help cancer survivors. I’m not saying I’m a philanthropist because I will buy this cider in bulk. What I am saying is you should buy this cider in bulk. Others who tasted above the rest where Good Intent Cider from Gettysburg and Hank’s Hot Sauce. The hot sauce will drive Sriracha loving millennials crazy because it is better…way better and was made by three college guys asked to make a logo for a graphic design class. If that isn’t a voice of our generation, then what is?

The cider fest should be and is ranked as one of Philly’s best fests. It is original and flavorful and will get you loving life in 2 ounces or less. In order to cure the now cider headache that was approaching, we tripped down to Manayunk’s Food Truck Festival, which again, I voiced my opinion on driving the goods to NEPA.

Food trucks are today’s five-star restaurants. Where else can you get a BBQ chicken PB and J without saying you made it while high. I tasted the scrumptious baby-back ribs and apple slaw from Oink and Moo BBQ. A decision that ended with sauce all over the place but a feeling of accomplishment. Along the way I tasted PB & Jams peanut butter and the Bacon Jams Jelly, two things that I know for a fact will make gluten-free bread edible.

My weekend in Philly began in a hungover haze and ended in a food coma only comparable to how you feel after eating that whole Chipotle burrito. A full that you want to replicate but have to wait for the right time. I recommend these two events to anyone,. They were worth the drive and so was the stop where I lost my pride and puked at Burger King.