Where my party people at?

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First Posted: 10/22/2014

When it comes to a night on the town it’s all about friends, laughter, celebrations, entertainment and fun said Nick Chiumento of Pittston.

The owner of NEPA’s newest party establishment, Stir Nightclub and Bar in Wilkes-Barre, which opened last month, traces the roots of his love for providing a kickass nightlife experience back to the late 1980s when he was a kid listening to Bob Gross spin live on Q102 radio.

“When I first listened to Bob Gross spinning on the radio, I knew from that point forward that I wanted to be a nightclub deejay,” Chiumento said.

At the age of 18, Chiumento landed his first job in the industry at Tink’s Entertainment Complex in Scranton, blasting off a career that would span more than 20 years — and counting — ultimately evolving to the inception of owning his own business.

“I think I have held every possible position in a bar. I have worked security, head of security, bartender, deejay and general manager,” said Chiumento, who has also worked for The Colosseum Nightclub and Lounge, Heil’s Place and Lounge 414 in Scranton over the years.

According to the nightclub owner, holding a myriad of positions over the years has prepared him to better understand the nightlife industry.

“My experiences with each position allows me to put myself in everyone else’s shoes and see things from every point of view,” Chiumento said.

The ability to show empathy for his staff contributes to the atmosphere Chiumento is aimed at providing for his guests. As they say, a happy staff equates to happy customers. When it comes to attendees at Stir, Chiumento’s goal is to create the perfect balance of nightlife experiences.

“Our main bar boasts 14 televisions, including a 70-inch screen TV, making Stir the best place to watch all of your favorite sporting events,” Chiumento said.

In addition to the main bar, Stir also houses a nightclub.

“Our nightclub at Stir is equipped with two bars, a state of the art Meyer Sound amplification system, custom light show and dance floor,” Chiumento said.

Stir also provides a V.I.P. area that is unique to NEPA.

“The V.I.P. area is set above the dance floor on a raised platform. The room has leather couches and tables that can hold a party of up to 20 people. The area also features bottle service and your own security guard,” Chiumento said.

The nightclub aspect is designed to provide locals with a “big city club experience” without leaving NEPA said Chiumento.

“People who come to Stir can experience two different nightlife atmospheres under one roof,” Chiumento said.

Whether you are the laid back sports bar type or want to pop bottles in the club while screaming “I’m Rick James, bitch,” Chiumento is determined to stir up the best nightlife experience for your style.

More information on Stir Nightclub and Bar can be found by searching ‘Stir Wilkesbarre’ on Facebook.