MAKEUP RULES: The feel-good bride

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First Posted: 2/24/2014

Planning a wedding can be quite grueling and extensive, but don’t let all those late nights on Pinterest keep you from feeling like the best version of you on your wedding day.

I recently came across a few situations where not only was the bride worried about how everything was going to unfold, but how comfortable she was going to feel in her makeup on the big day. You might say that this concern seems relatively common but, honestly, it is not. Most brides I deal with have trials only to utilize that particular makeup service prior to going out for engagement photos or a night out with the girls. They aren’t too concerned with how it is going to turn out the day-of (mainly because of the outcome of previous makeup applications, or the confidence and knowledge of makeup I have). They just want to look like the heavily Photoshopped girls on the covers of bridal magazines, no matter how uncomfortable.

But the “looking good” on your wedding day shouldn’t outweigh the “feeling good” on your special day.

For starters, do your research on types of wedding makeup applications that are available, whether it be airbrush, waterproof, or mineral makeup, and find which application best suits your needs based on the season and location of your wedding and also on your skin’s needs.

I then suggest going through photos of yourself and picking out the ones where you feel like you look your best, or ones where you look and feel like yourself. Bring those photos in with you for your makeup trial or for the day-of if you have not had a trial and are meeting your makeup artist for the first time.

Having your makeup done professionally doesn’t mean you need a full face of thick foundation, stiff non-maintainable airbrush foundation, or even the ever-uncomfortable false strip eyelashes. If you don’t need coverage for areas on your face with no breakouts or blemishes, then don’t put foundation there. Why fix something if it isn’t broken?

Your “feel-good” look can easily be created with some well-needed exfoliating, moisturizer, a little bit of concealer where needed, and soft bronzer on areas where the sun may hit your face. Dust the same bronzer to define your eye contour, fine liner along your upper lash line and a quarter of your lower lash line, then apply extra mascara to your lashes. Finish your lips with a soft neutral pink hydrating lipstick or tinted lip balm. Blush isn’t necessary since we are not masking your entire face with foundation. This will allow you to be that naturally blushing bride, the way it should be.

Tip: If you decide to do false lashes for your wedding day, stick with individual lashes; they are more comfortable and worry-free.

Trick: As much as you would like to hear feedback on your makeup trial for your wedding, keep your friends and family at home. Sometimes too many opinions aren’t a good thing, and the overall focus can be lost.