Blogger raises question about local ‘Bachelor’ hopeful

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First Posted: 1/17/2014

Who is “The Bachelor” reality TV show participant Elise Mosca really?

Is she a shy, reserved school teacher at Wilkes-Barre Area seeking fame and fortune in Hollywood?

Or is she a softcore porn actress who misrepresented herself to catch the world’s eye and never intends to teach elementary school again?

Steve Carbone, author of the website “Reality Steve,” has a reputation for spoiling the results of TV reality shows — revealing winners/survivors before the last episodes are aired. Carbone said Mosca leaves “The Bachelor” in Episode 4, which airs Jan. 27, when former soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis doesn’t give her a rose to return.

Neither Mosca nor a TV publicist would comment last week.

Mosca is on unpaid leave from her job at Wilkes-Barre Area School District and she is currently residing in Los Angeles. She had lived in Forty Fort when she taught first and second grades.

John Mosca, Elise’s father, would only say “no comment” when contacted by telephone. He said he “is not able to comment at this time.”

The International Business Times detailed a scene from Episode 2 that claimed Mosca, 27, “was uncomfortable posing naked for the photo shoot for charity for dogs.” The report notes Mosca was introduced as a first-grade teacher and then uses Reality Steve’s claim that she is “a porn star and not a teacher.”

The International Business Times further notes a report by Star Magazine claiming her to be Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s “booty call” when he starred on the reality TV show “Jersey Shore.”

And then the story claims Mosca appeared in a soft-porn video titled “Yule Log Hotties.” It states, “Even though the porn video does not feature any actual sexual act, Elise is a part of the group of women, fondling in underwear, in the video.”

The story contends Mosca does not live in Pennsylvania; instead she lives in Los Angeles and worked at night at a club called The Playhouse.

“Reality Steve’s” website reaches about 1.5 million unique visitors a month.

The International Times story also notes Mosca is from Forty Fort and comes from an Italian family.

“Thanks to that she competed at the Italian beauty pageant Miss Italia nel Mondo, as well as was crowned Miss Philadelphia International last year,” the story said.

Mosca entered several beauty pageants; she was Miss Unico in 2004 while attending Wyoming Valley West High School.

Carbone, 38, said his issues are with the show and how it is run, not with Mosca, who he described as “a star chaser who wants to be famous.”

“I’d like to know what Elise’s plan is,” said Carbone, who is based in Dallas, Texas. “It seems to be that she is going to take a break from teaching to see if she can make it in Hollywood. And if it doesn’t work out, will go back to teaching?”

Carbone said plenty of people leave their hometowns and move to Los Angeles in hopes to make it big.

Carbone also questioned why the Wilkes-Barre Area School District didn’t know about Mosca’s background before it hired her to teach at Heights/Murray and then Dodson elementary schools.

“Do they even do background checks?” he asked on his website. “Why is the school district hearing about this video now for the first time, because I made it public when it took me two clicks on a Google search of ‘Elise Mosca’ to find it? Seems like the school district should have a little egg on their face for this, and not just Elise.”

It could not be determined last week whether the district knew about Mosca’s appearance in the video or if it would have a bearing on her employment. But the district solicitor said Mosca’s situation is being reviewed at the request of the board to see if anything she has done constitutes legal reasons for termination.

And as far as ABC-TV having prior knowledge of Mosca’s background, Carbone said it probably didn’t matter. He said reality shows such as “The Bachelor” “are scripted.” He wondered if an extensive background check was done on the contestants on “The Bachelor” — especially Mosca.

Carbone said he doesn’t fault Mosca for wanting to take a shot at Hollywood.

“Just don’t present yourself as a first-grade teacher if that’s not who you really are,” he said. “There’s lots of stuff in her past that shows just the opposite. I think she has stars in her eyes.”

He said he has learned about Mosca’s charity work for her late mother.

“She seems to be two different people,” Carbone said. “But this show defines her.”