B-Movie Corner: Thankskilling

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First Posted: 12/1/2014

There are few films in history featuring a homicidal turkey. Some may say there is a reason for that. Namely, the idea is beyond farfetched and ridiculous. However, this did not detract the makers of the 2008 film “Thankskilling” from pursuing this premise.

The plot is very thin and follows the standard slasher film protocol. The story opens with a woman running in the woods while being chased by a psychotic turkey before she meets her ultimate demise.

Years go by, and, now we see a dog wandering loose in the woods. He stops to relieve himself on a small totem pole, the turkey, aptly named Turkie, is awoken from his slumber. If you are surprised by this lowbrow “twist” than this is not a movie for you.

The turkey now sets off to attack and kill a group of five college students enjoying their Thanksgiving break and the slasher film tropes are on full display. This very thin plot proves that Thankskilling was not a fully thought out or groundbreaking film.

However, the bizarre idea about a killer turkey and the bad acting somehow make this film one you will not want to turn off. It is oddly entertaining in the worst way possible.

The body count starts to grow in the film and while it is not graphic, the ideas behind the kills are certainly absurd and meant to be more comical than unsettling. The students soon get wind of Turkie and discover he is attempting to kill them. So, of course, they set off to find a way to destroy him.

It should be noted that if you no longer possess any childish humor than you should avoid this film as is it full of “gross out” humor, but if that is your thing then this is your film.

The $3,500 budget, (no zeros are missing in that total) certainly limits the filmmaker for ideas in a horror film, but it also made for more inventive ideas behind much of the film.

“Thankskilling” is far from a masterpiece and most will probably not enjoy it due to the poor quality of the film and acting. However, it is a great film to watch with friends while enjoy a few drinks and laughing together at the sheer insanity of what is occurring onscreen.

Also, how often will you be able to say that you just watched a film about a turkey that goes on a killing spree? “Thankskilling” is a great excuse for a get together with friends during the holiday break to have a good laugh together.

Final Verdict: The sheer ridiculousness of the film, poor acting, and low budget would cause many to turn it off within the first five minutes. However, if you can see past the negatives this is a film that is so horrible it’s great. If you are unable to laugh with or at a bad movie this is not for you, But really, what would you expect from a film called “Thankskilling” that is about a killer turkey? This film spawned a sequel that boasts a much larger budget and is entitled “Thankskilling 3.”

Where can I get it? : “Thankskilling” is available on DVD from many online retailers such as Amazon, Target, FYE, and Overstock. The film is also available for streaming on Hulu, Amazon, and Google Play.