Mild, medium and sizzling hot, take your pick

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First Posted: 11/4/2014

If you’re milder rather than wilder, the best part of a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings is rooting for your FRIENDS as they take the Blazin’ Wing Challenge.

It’s better than attempting it yourself and crying for mercy, or simply crying.

Seriously, those of us whose mouths catch fire easily can try the sweeter sauces — Honey Barbecue or Honey Mustard. If you really want to play it safe, Teriyaki or Sweet Barbecue maybe. Or even Parmesan Garlic or Asian Zing. Each of those last two registers a little kick.

If you’re brave enough to kick the spice factor up a bit, order some Jammin’ Jalapeno, Spicy Garlic or Caribbean Jerk. All pack a decent bite, but the Jammin Jalapeno has an underlying sweetness, the jerk contains a traditional Jerk spice and Spicy Garlic not only punches with a garlic kick, but a spicy wing sauce kick as well.

If you don’t want to get your fingers messy during a quick lunch break, opt for one of the dry seasonings — Salt and Vinegar, Lemon Pepper, Desert Heat, Chipotle BBQ or Buffalo. Powerful flavors without all the mess.

Chose the size of your order from snack, small medium or large and try one to four different sauces.

It’s fun to sample several different sauces at a sitting, but be forewarned. One little nibble of chicken drenched in very hot sauce like Mango Habanero or Wild and it feels as if the glowing embers will never leave your throat.

So hats off to the servers who are very prompt at refilling drinks. If they weren’t, I probably would have been arm wrestling my table mates for the leftover ice at the bottom of a glass.