First-person mode coming for “Grand Theft Auto V” on PS4, XB1 and PC

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First Posted: 11/4/2014

We’ve all dreamt about it — now, Rockstar is going to deliver.

It was announced that “Grand Theft Auto V” on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will feature a first-person mode. A trailer for the new mode can be found on YouTube or on IGN.

If the trailer is any indication, the first-person mode isn’t some slap-on feature — Rockstar took their time to craft something special. Everything, from the details of the dashboard as Michael speeds through town to traffic zipping by as another character (I can’t tell which) speeds through traffic on a motorcycle, looks surprisingly new. The gunfights also look more intense than ever.

From what I’ve gathered, it’ll be possible to play the entire game in first-person.

I was already excited about “GTA V” coming to PS4 — with this news, I haven’t been more excited about a video game release in a long, long time. “Grand Theft Auto” has always been a series known for its third-person games, and “GTA V” is going to change all of that.

The game might still be the same, but imagine for a second just how a change of perspective will change the game.

November 18 can’t come soon enough.