Model of the Week: Shannon Walling

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First Posted: 12/15/2014

Full name: Shannon Walling

Hometown: Meshoppen, PA

Favorite Weekender feature: Album/concert reviews

Favorite bar/restaurant: Atami Sushi

What are you passionate about?: Music. More specifically, singing.

Whom do you admire?: My brother, Ethan, for never being afraid to be himself and not giving a damn what anybody thinks about him for it.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?: I secretly wish I was a professional dancer

Are you a dog person or are you a cat person?: Cats

If you had to choose, would you prefer someone with beauty or brains?: Brains…and liver

My last meal would be…: My mom’s pepper steak

My theme song would be…: “Blackbird” by The Beatles

The best concer I’ve ever attended was…: Paul McCartney, hands down.

For a good time, I…: Perform in my band, “LondonForce”.