MAKEUP RULES: Look pretty on the patio

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First Posted: 6/24/2014

Now that the weather has transitioned itself to be a little more summer-like, it’s time we step out and join in on one of the most fun events of the summer: deck and patio parties!

Whether you are out by the pool, outside your favorite watering hole, or on a rooftop at night, this pretty on the patio look will help turn up the heat and have you turning heads.

To start, prime your skin with a tinted moisturizer, then apply a dual powder foundation in a color slightly darker, then your current complexion. Next take your deepest bronzer with a hint of shimmer and apply that to your entire cheek (highlight point, apple, and contour), temples, neck, and chest.

Then, with a warm champagne or rose gold highlighter, blend into the upper highlight portion of your cheeks.

For your eyes, apply a rose gold shadow to your entire eye from lash line to brow bone, then with your same foundation powder, tone down the highlight of the shadow along your brow bone. Follow with a bronze or copper shadow, swirling into the outer third of your eye and pulling outward a little. Deepen the outer third slightly with a shimmery brown shadow at the outer corner of your lid, flicking out ever so lightly. Apply a black liner very thinly to your upper and lower lash line, diffusing the outer portion of the liner with a smudge brush. Finish the eyes with multiple coats of black mascara.

To tie this summer party on the patio look together, we finish the look with a soft warm medium brown lipstick with a coppery multidimensional gloss on top, focusing the gloss just in the center of the lips.

Tip: Get a more dewy look by applying a tourmaline-charged moisturizer or any lotion with shimmer under your makeup, and after, finish the look with a spritz of a dewy themed setting spray.

Trick: For our fair-skinned blondes, use a brown liner and brown mascara for a less intense monochromatic look.